Ramsey County sits in the heart of the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area and is served by state highways, U.S. highways and Interstates 35, 94 and 694. Along with access to a robust highway system, Ramsey County has an efficient public transit system that connects several communities within the county via bus and light rail. 

Interstate and Highway Access

From Minnesota, businesses can reach much of the United States within a day’s drive. Ramsey County offers immediate access to:

  • Interstates 35, 94 and 694.
  • U.S. highways 10, 52 and 61.
  • State highways 5, 13, 36, 51, 96, 120, 149, 156 and 280.


Ramsey County is a major freight hub along the BNSF’s Northern Transcon route and Amtrak offers daily service at Saint Paul’s Union Depot


Air travel is accessible through Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) and Holman Field in downtown Saint Paul.

MSP is one of the nation’s busiest airports, offering direct flights to major U.S. and international destinations. It is ideal for passenger and cargo transportation and located within Ramsey County. Plus, with light rail service to the airport, catching a flight has never been easier.